Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Pope in sheep's clothing

Lets once again revisit the new Pope. Sure he's said some refreshing things, only for others in the church to issue comical retorts. Heaven forbid the Pope actually says something that sounds decent and respectable... And one thing is for sure the press has been lapping up his positive statements and
Fired for being reasonable.
singing his praises.

The Pope said "Who am I to judge gay people"! Isn't he so great, humble, and understanding?! The press hangs on his every word and would have us believe that this man is a game changer. Sure, Francis seems nicer than Benedict. Plus, so far as we know thus far, he didn't try to cover up sex crimes and protect the abusers like his predecessor. But does Francis live up to his sound bites?

Yes, he said it isn't his place to judge gays. But does this make him the brave new accepting and understanding Pope that the evening news programs make him out to be? Or does he just say all the right things for the news cameras?

Perhaps we should as former priest, Greg Reynolds of Melbourne. In May, he was not only defrocked but also excommunicated by the authority of  Pope Francis himself. What were his crimes? Did he abuse children?n Did he defy Francis' statements that anyone can gain salvation through good deeds (regardless of belief), or say that the Pope should be speaking of condemning gays rather than saying that it's not his place to judge them? No... Actually, he pretty much did the opposite.

In fact, Reynolds was thrown out of the church because of his vocal support of gay marriage and support of allowing women to join the clergy. Wait... So the Pope that the media makes out to be so open, fired a guy for suggesting woman should be allowed to be priests as well. And isn't it quite odd that a guy that makes a public statement that it's not his place to judge gays, then sends Reynolds packing because he supports gay rights?

I love gays so much that I canned a guy for supporting gay rights.
What it tells me is that he is only lying through his teeth to appease the cameras and sell the image that he's a brand new pope for a brave new era. One who will transform and revitalize the church. However, behind the scenes, it's business as usual. Say something nice about gays in public. Then in
private, fire a priest that actually supports gays rather than just pay them lip service (and hope it doesn't get out).

Pope Francis hasn't changed anything, and he isn't as he presents himself. He talks a good game, but his actions don't match up with his statements. He's not a Pope for the next generation. He's a wolf in sheep's clothing that simply offers hollow statements rather than real change. It's as if his job it to generate headlines and nothing more. A true PR Pope in this age of media. But sadly, like many advertisements you see, the claims are not to be trusted...

-Brain Hulk

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