Friday, November 15, 2013

Religion of zero accountability

Some like to state that Christianity makes believers better people. Near the head of the reasons why is the claim that Christianity rewards good behavior. But this really isn't the case at all. This isn't a blog to discuss the fact that more prisoners are Christian than anything else. The question here, is what is it really rewarding.

Does Christianity really reward people for good behavior? Nope! Remember, it is said that all who
believe in Christ as their savior will have all their sins forgiven and gain salvation. Since your sins will be forgiven, it really doesn't matter if you sin or not. So it really doesn't matter how you live your life as a Christian. Just that you are a Christian.

But what about remorse? Surely Christianity at least rewards those that regret what they've done or have apologized to those the have wronged, right? Again, none of that matters. Do you need to feel bad about what you've done? No, you just need to believe. Do you need to make things right with those you have wronged? Nope. You don't need to gain the forgiveness of those you actually wrong. Instead you just need to accept Jesus and he will forgive you (even though he wasn't the one actually wronged).

What Christianity asks for is blind acceptance and nothing more. Accept Jesus as your lord and savior and it doesn't matter if you are as nice as can be, or a right git. Run a free soup kitchen but don't believe? Hell for you. Lead a murderous life of crime but pray to Jesus every night? Here's your reward of eternal paradise.

In reality, Christianity is the religion of zero accountability. As long as you believe, you can do whatever the hell you want, and just be forgiven. No matter how ugly your acts, if you believe, you will be rewarded equal to the person who believes and lived a 'saintly' life. So no, Christianity does not reward good people doing good things, just belief and obedience.

What this actually does is gives those that believe, a 'get out if jail free' card for when they do want to do wrong. They may think that ,'If Jesus died for my sins, but I don't sin, then he died for nothing.' Others may skip those mental gymnastics and just look at the position that they are 'saved' and conclude that they can always just ask forgiveness and still be good with the 'big guy'. The one consistent thing is that if they can just be arbitrarily be 'forgiven', they aren't being help accountable for their actions or the life they've lived.

In my life, I work to be the best person I can be without any promise of reward. I do this not in hope of a prize, but just because I feel it's the right thing to do. And if I do wrong someone, I will work to gain their forgiveness, rather than that of an uninvolved third party. Would you ask the cable company to forgive you for being late on your electric payment? An if they said they would, would that make things peachy between you and your electric provider? Of course not. So why would you ask Jesus to forgive you lying to a friend or stealing a bike? This does nothing to mend the wrong done to the slighted party, just as the cable company can't forgive your tardiness on your other bills. 'Tis far nobler to make right with the wronged, than to hide behind the hollow assurances of another.

So believers, please don't tell me that your religion makes the flock into better people. Christianity many make some choose a clean life. But it also provides cover for those that wish to do wrong. Your religion rewards the wrong things, and sufferers for it. Instead of worshiping the religion of zero accountability, look at your fellow man and live your life in a way to make this life ab better one, for this life really is the one that matters.

-Brain Hulk

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