Friday, November 22, 2013

Monumental waste

Last year, a Ten Commandments monument at a Pennsylvania public junior high school came under fire. Two groups rightly protested it's placement on government property, and the district is likely to move it to a local church once some legal stuff gets finalized. It's no surprise that many local Christians were more than upset with this happening. But the law's the law.

Then earlier this year a new group was formed called 'Thou Shall Not Move' (TSNM). Their response? Erect a brand new Ten Commandments monument at St. Paul's AME church in Uniontown. Let's hear what they had to say about their shiny new monument...
“We decided to stand up for Freedom of religion — not from religion. No one is going to move this stone. We will not allow it. We’ve decided to stand up for this monument and to stand up for Jesus Christ.”
 But they haven't stopped with just Uniontown. They've pressed on and donated monuments to churches all across Pennsylvania. Their goal for sending out all these 6ft x 3ft 1,600lb granite monuments? To irk and anger atheists... Wait, what?

Remember, this all started because a school had an illegally placed monument, and it's removal was requested. So the righteous Pennsylvanians thought, "We'll show that atheists! They won't take our monument!" For some reason that thought we'd care that they installed Ten Commandments monuments at churches. But why would we? They are on church property.

Perhaps someone needs to point something out to them. Atheists don't have an inherent feeling of fear and anger with regard to the Ten Commandments. Nor to them emblazoned in the form of a monument. All we care about is if that monument is placed in a location that is a site it can legally be in. These new monuments are being placed at churches... on church property, but government property. These granite slabs are being placed exactly where we think they should be.

We support the freedom of religion, as well as the separation of church and state. So we have no problem with churches displaying their symbols on their property. Such a display does not violate the separation of church and state, like a display at a public school does.

While it is funny that this group is so clueless of the fact that their act of spite completely missed the mark, it is also quite sad. That's because these monuments cost a lot of money. A lot of donations went toward this monumental waste of money. They spent all these funds to make a point, and failed. Worse yet, these funds could have gone to much better causes. How many hungry people do you think those funds could have fed instead. Sadly, this group spent these funds freely only to result in it being a total waste.

-Brain Hulk

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