Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Phallic faith

I'm sure we've all seen the pictures of the Christian Science Church in Dixon, Illinois. The church made the rounds online a week ago for it's resemblance to a penis. Time has past, and most have forgotten about it. But now the church is ready for round two.

The architect is saying that it was not intentionally designed to resemble a phallus. And I believe that statement. But the funny quote can from church officer, Scott Shepherd. He stated that "We didn't
design it to be seen from above."

Um, either he's making an unintentional admission, or he's not thinking this through. Christians believe that God is always watching from Heaven above. If you were looking down from 'the Heavens', the church would look just like it does in the aerial photo. Is he forgetting that fact, or did he accidentally admit that he really doesn't believe in that silly stuff in his rush to try and counter the story.

Sadly, he also went on to blame the internet for being 'wicked' and manufacturing the issue to begin with. Sorry, but people saw the picture and shared what they thought it looked like. The irony of it also being a church also helped. But the story wasn't concocted. I wish this church would stop blaming others, and instead just admit that a mistake was made and leave it at that. It's not like anyone is saying they made it that way on purpose.

-Brain Hulk

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