Friday, November 8, 2013

In PA we trust?

I'm often grateful of the fact that I'm not from Pennsylvania. And recent news makes me even more relieved not to live fifteen minutes further North than I already do.  

The Republican representative of PA, Rick Saccone not long ago put a bill forward that was pointless, unnecessary, and quite unconstitutional. But that's never stopped him before. This is the same guy
Wasting PA taxpayer's money and time since 2011.
that wanted to name 2012 the "year of the Bible', proposed a "National Fast Day" to proclaim our 'dependence upon the overruling power of God'., and now he's back with another huge waste of taxpayer money.

This time Saccone has proposed that every school in PA have the words "In God we trust" displayed on it, and the same prominently displayed in every classroom. Yes, despite the fact that Jesus paintings and prater murals have been declared unconstitutional in public schools, Saccone wants to defiantly try and shove Christianity into PA schools anyway. And even if there wasn't the constitutional issue to worry about, why waste what little funds the school system has on these signs when the arts are regularly cut from the school catalog in a bid to save money?

Saccone has some rather poor reason why this is a good idea...
… It's also a way of putting positive things like this — virtuous examples — in front of our children. God knows they need it. I mean you look at our children today, our society, it just seems to be spiraling downward and we need good examples to put in front of them. Here is a good example that’s been reaffirmed by our Supreme Court. It’s been upheld as long as we do it in historical sense. It’s fine to post this anywhere. And it’s a Pennsylvania story, something we can be proud of, and celebrate…

It’s our motto. It’s not a violation of the law. It’s tradition. It’s a risk worth taking. It’s “good for our children. 
Um... What?! We need to present children with a positive and virtuous example so lets post a tribute to the most prolific serial killer of all time (if we're to take the Bible at it's word)? Please tell me how that makes any sense. And if we're to look at the historical aspect, 'In God we trust' has only been the motto since the 1950's. Last time I checked, the United States was a tad older than that. Actually, the original (and far superior) motto was E PluribusUnum (out of many, one). Not to mention that most
of the primary founders were Deists and not Christians.

But none of the mattered to the PA House Education Committee that passed the bill 14-9. No surprise that it passed due to the almost unanimous support of the Republican members who voted 13-1 on the issue. The next stop will be a vote from the full House. I sure hope it fails, as it is a terrible, pointless, and wasteful piece of legislation. And if PA thinks the education system is strapped for cash now, just wait for the legal expenses they will be facing if this somehow passes. Because you know that the ACLU or FFRF will be sure to challenge this if it somehow slips through the cracks.

So PA, please keep it classy, and tell Saccone to worry about real issues, and then send him packing when the next election rolls along.

-Brain Hulk

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