Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Abort the hate

The town I live in has a woman's health/family planning center. Every now and then, you'll see the anti-choice crowd out front demonstrating. And just about every day, there is a car parked right out front that is decked out in all manner of anti-abortion bumper stickers you can think of. While the bumper sticker protest is slightly annoying, and the full out demonstrations are quite annoying and even more distasteful, it seems that the situation has become even more stressed.
Shamed for getting a breast exam? How does that make sense?
Are the protestors are pro-breast cancer as well?

I'm driving by, and what do I see? None other than three women in orange shirts that read 'clinic escort'. The protesters have upped their game to the point that the need was felt for escorts. People so distasteful that they feel the need to try and shame and even threaten women going to this clinic... I feel that this speaks volumes toward the character of the protestors.

Sure, they disagree with one thing this clinic offers; abortion. By the way these demonstrators act, you'd think that's all they do. But as is always the case, it's far from all this clinic offers. Their website advertises that they offer the following...

• Gynecological services
• Annual exams
• Pap smears
• Pelvic exams
• Breast exams
• Lab work
• Pregnancy testing
• Ultrasounds
• Birth control counseling and services
• Birth control pill, birth control shot, Nuva Ring, IUD's, etc
• STD screening
• Options Counseling
• Abortion services (pill and surgical)

So tell me, why should a woman going here have to be met at the curb by an escort when she is only going there for her annual Gyno appointment or breast exam? Why should she be yelled at and even threatened by someone who is against abortion, even though she's not even there to get one? Obviously, she shouldn't.

But there's this strange phenomenon I've noticed among the most rabid anti-choice protestors. They seem to find a place that offers abortions, and they stop at that. They've found their target. It doesn't matter that they offer much more than that. It doesn't matter, that abortions are in the minority of the serviced preformed. They just ignore these facts and act like the place in question is an abortion factory that tells everyone and anyone to abort, or even force people to do so. People like this have a nonexistent grasp of reality. Sadly, these people are the loudest in their movement, and often leaders
Because woman's health exams, and showing the happy
parents an ultrasound is SO (somehow) exactly the same
as abortion...
in it as well.

These people are disgusting, but I still have a question for them... They don't like abortion. They think it's always wrong. They'll cite their Bible as justification of their opinion. Okay, fair enough. We'll ignore the fact that the Christian god actually commanded abortions in the Bible, and would be the most prolific abortionist of all time for the sake of this discussion... But I feel that this is a 'problem' that is easily solved. Don't like abortion? Don't get one! It really is that simple.

But don't come out and tell me that what you think, and that what you think your god has to say about the topic should dictate what everyone else can and can't do. I have my own views on abortion, but I won't share them here (unless someone is actually interested). One thing certain is that the religious beliefs of someone else should effect them and only them. Not me, not you, and but the poor woman being demonized while trying to get a simple health exam.

-Brain Hulk

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