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Is Christ unique?

 Billy Grahams claims that Jesus was unlike any other religions figure. But was he?
Jesus was unlike any other religious figure who ever lived

Q: My college friend says every religion has some truth in it, and therefore he's not going to commit himself to any one religion. As a Christian, I don't agree with this, but I'm not sure I could tell him why. What should I say to him?

 A: I’m thankful you’re concerned for your friend, and I hope you will pray for him. He may or may not be seeking God, but God is seeking him, and God wants to use you to point him to Jesus.

My first suggestion is a negative one: Try to avoid getting involved in debates over the good or bad points of various religions. Elsewhere in your letter, you indicate that your friend has made a study of the world’s major religions, and he probably knows much more about them than you do. Therefore, arguing about them probably won’t be helpful.
While it may be a good tactic for the believer to try and keep the discussion off of the good and bad
points of different religions, there is some irony to be had here... Yes, his friend likely knows more about other religions, but he probably knows more about Christianity than the Christian here as well. Most Christians don't do much research into their beliefs, and rather just regurgitate what they were told. If this friend studied many religions, than it is likely they they studied Christianity as well.
Instead, urge him to study the life of Jesus Christ as it is found in the Gospels of the New Testament. The reason is because Jesus made a startling claim that sets Him apart from every other religious leader who ever lived: He claimed that He was God in human flesh. He declared, “I and the Father are one” (John 10:30).
Please wake me when I'm supposed to be impressed. Why is it special that he claimed to be God? Thor claimed to be the son of Odin (and was),plus he was a god in his own right. Also, Odin promised to put an end to the frost giants. Did Jesus do that? And most importantly, Jesus' claims only matter can only be of any interest or value if you are already a believer in Jesus. Real evidence transcends belief.
Is His claim true? Yes, and He proved it by rising from the dead. You can visit the tombs of other religious leaders — but not that of Christ. He rose from the dead by the power of God, proving for all time that heaven’s door has been opened for us.

Yes, challenge your friend to look at Christ. But may his questions challenge you to live more completely for Christ, and to be an example to others of His compassion and truth.
 Given that Jesus hasn't even been conclusively shown to have existed, how can Graham seriously claim Jesus' claims to be true? Why is it impressive to say that you can visit the tombs of other religious figures, but not Jesus? I can't visit Atlantis, because it either never existed, or has never been found. Likewise, I can't visit the grave-site of Superman. He was killed by the villain Doomsday, but then later rose from the dead. You can't visit his tomb, so obviously the story of his resurrection was true, right?

Additionally,if the story of Jesus' resurrection was true, there would still be a tomb to visit... it would just be an empty one. This would be a site of unparalleled importance that would be the destination of endless pilgrimages. But no such site is known of. Are we expected to believe that Jesus' disciples somehow forgot where to tomb was in such a short time?

So is the story of Jesus in any way special, or more impressive that other religions? No, not at all. If you think it is, then you are simply committing the fallacy known as confirmation bias. That is, unless you also worship the humble Clark Kent, and the hero Superman.

-Brain Hulk

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