Friday, January 17, 2014

Worst kept secret EVER!

I feel like we've all had believers come to our door, or hand us a pamphlet in a public place. And strangely, most start with the same question to break the ice... "Have you heard the good news?" What, that the scientists at the LHC found the Higgs Boson? That the Curiosity rover found the Mars once had conditions suitable for life?

Of course, what they mean is 'Have you heard about Jesus?' Do I breathe oxygen? Seriously, I'm a
human being living in a city in the United States, and have television, radio, mobile phones and the internet at my disposal. Of course I've heard about Jesus. Yet the tone they use when asking this question is surprising. Not surprising because of how absurd the question is, but for the fact that it often comes across as a sincere question.

It's as if they think they are one of a select few that are in on this huge secret. That they are one of the chosen few that must spread the word to the masses who are unaware of this privileged information. But the fact is that something like 78% of Americans are Christian, and the remaining Americans that aren't Christians would have to have been in a life-long coma to not know about Christianity.

So I ask... How naive do these questioners have to be to actually believe they are providing brand new information to the masses? And if they actually do believe that most Americans are unaware of Jesus and Christianity, it really does speak volumes about the fact that they can be made to believe anything... no matter how absurd.

A similar case can be seen when a believer is trying to explain why some people do not believe in God. Some of these people will actually state that the reason that people don't believe is that they haven't heard the gospel. They then suggest sharing the gospel with them, and explaining who Jesus was and why he was so important.

This is a shocking stance to have in this country for three reasons. First, most non-believers where once believers. Secondly, in my experience, most non-believers actually know the Bible better than most believers. And finally, it is simply absurd to think that someone can live in the United States for any period of time and be unaware of Christianity and the story of Jesus.

So why do they act as if they are big on this big secret? This strange belief that Christianity is something that only a small minority know about... I really would like to know. Are these believers as genuine as they sound when they act as if they are sharing some super top secret news? And if they are naive enough to believe something so absurd, why should anyone take them seriously?

-Brain Hulk

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