Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pay college athletes?

The college football national championship game was just played, and like always, it made seriously big money. With as big a business college sports has become, the question has been raised again whether college athletes should be paid. After all, college coaches get paid pretty well. The highest paid college football coach makes $5.35 million, whereas the top paid NFL coach makes $8 million. But should the players get paid?

 I don't think they should, because in a way, they already are. Many in the big schools are there on full ride athletic scholarships. So whether they are there for education or not, they are getting a university education for free as compensation for them coming to the school to play. Look at how
Pay for college hand-egg and other sports?
much that education would have cost anyone else, and they are already making out like bandits. 

Florida State University just won the national championship. The annual average cost to attend FSU is about $36k. Sure it's less than the $500k the lowest paid NFL player gets. But these college athletes are also getting that free education.

Granted, going to school full time, practices and games probably doesn't leave time for a job, so it's no surprise that many on such scholarships are not allowed to work, and are given an allowance on which to pay for food and lodging.

All that said, I'm sure many do get paid under the table anyway. But given all the freebies that college athletes receive, I don't see a need to pay them. And even if they were to get paid or receive bonuses, they certainly shouldn't get NFL sized pay packets under any circumstances.

-Brain Hulk

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