Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Devilish me?

Okay believers, I would like to make one thing very clear... I do not worship the devil. I hear it claimed far too often that atheists worship the devil. A church was vandalized with Satanic graffiti, so a conservative website attributes it to atheists. A Satanic church wants to put up a monument, so Fox News claims that it's a atheist group that wants to erect the monument.

You know how I know you have no idea what you're
talking about?
This certainly isn't an issue that isn't confined to the ultra-conservative news (propaganda is more like it) websites or the bastion of ignorance known as Fox News. Everyday ordinary people also make the
incorrect assumption that those that don't worship Christ, must worship Satan. In fact, I've witnessed
this firsthand. This one guy I know, I generally get along fine with. We don't agree on some topics, but those disagreements have always be amicable. That is, until the disagreement was on theology...

That's when I witnessed the meltdown that was the closest thing I've personally seen to someone going full Ray Comfort. The reaction was not one you'd expect from a simple differing of opinion. It went from calm discussion one second, to rabid wolf the very next. But the most 'interesting' part was the rapid-fire statements that I was 'a Satan'.

So suddenly there was not one dark overlords of Hell, but multiple Satan's? Or did it mean that I was a follower of Satan? Or did he actually think I was a big man himself? Whatever the answer, one thing was clear... He had no clue what an atheist was. Maybe he was misled by his church, maybe he just didn't know better, or maybe he was knowingly committing an ad hominem fallacy. Whatever the case, he was out of line and incorrect.

You see, atheists no more worship Satan, that a Christian worships Ra or Odin. Not only do we not worship the devil, we don't even believe he exists. So tell me, if we don't even believe in the devil, how could we possibly worship him? The obvious answer should be that we don't.

The ironic truth to all of this is that while atheists don't follow Satan or believe in the Christian god, actual Satanists do. Remember... Satan is a part of the Christian mythos after-all. They do believe in the Christian god and Jesus, they're simply batting for the other team. Their reasons for doing so may vary, but one thing certain is that they are not atheists.

So to my Christian friends out there... don't say that atheists are devil worshipers, or in league with Satan. Doing so will only make you look bad and reveal your ignorance.

-Brain Hulk

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