Friday, September 12, 2014

As the world turns?

I had a believer tell me the other day about a story where a NASA scientist found that there was a missing day in all their models and that a believer of the staff declared that the missing day was from when God made the Sun stop in the sky in the book of Joshua. It was then claimed that science had proven this Bible story true. As you can guess, a brief look online found that the entire missing day story was a fabrication.

But the part that believers take this story literally always seem to miss, is that the 'Sun stopping in the sky' would actually be devastating. This is because the Sun doesn't actually stop, but the Earth. Earth spins at 1,674 km/hr (1,040 mph). The problem is that if the Earth were to stop (so that it looks like the Sun stopped) everyone and everything not securely bolted down would suddenly become a projectile flying at 1,674 km/hr. Obviously, this would be fatal, yet the armies in the Bible somehow didn't notice Earth suddenly standing on the brakes.

But that's not all. This dramatic halting of the Earth's rotation would cause massive tsunamis that would flood most of the Earth's landmasses. It would create sudden and massive storms and would also lead to the decay of the protection that keeps Earth from being terribly irradiated by the Sun.

Also, Joshua 10:13 states that not only did the Sun stop, but so did the Moon. That's a bit of a big deal because if the Moon were to stop it would come crashing into Earth. If you thought the meteor that killed off the dinosaurs was bad, you ain't seen nothing yet!

As you can see, a basic understanding of physics shows just how absurd that Bible story is, and dressing it up with some fabricated story doesn't help matters any. Remember kids, physics is fun!

-Brain Hulk

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