Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Better than God

I happened across a video on YouTube by Wayne Philmore where he issues a challenge to atheists and non-Christians. It's odd that he says it's for everyone but Christians, yet mentions different sects of Christianity when he lists who his challenge is for.

Bow down to the intellectual prowess of
Wayne Philmore...
Because a commenter mentioned that they are morally superior to God he is challenging us to live 30 days by the standards of the Bible and God. And he says that if we are able to live 30 days by those standards we will prove that we are better than God. Huh? If we were to live exactly by God's standards, wouldn't we only be equal to God in that manner?

But here's the problem... His challenge doesn't even make any sense because the God of the Bible is a
terrible example for morals. I'd wager that most people in the world are morally superior to the god in the pages of the Bible. So if one is morally superior to God, how does agreeing to live by his low standards prove that you are better?

Actually, there's no need to take Wayne's challenge to prove that I am morally superior to his god. He mentions that you can't lie for those 30 days. Why not? God lied in the Bible, so that should be on the table. The Bible talks of handing over daughters to be raped as a perfectly fine thing, so why the hangup on sex?

The god of the Bible murdered nearly everyone on Earth and commanded genocides. I've killed no one, so I'd say that I'm far more moral in that regard. I would never consider torturing someone for all eternity simply because they didn't believe in me or worship me. I don't consider homosexuals to be sub-human. I wouldn't command that a rape victim marry their rapist. I can stand up tall and say that slavery is wrong, yet God condones it.

Following God's morals would mean needing to send a pack of bears to kill kids that made fun of someone for being bald. It would mean stoning children to death for being disobedient. It would mean killing anyone who has to work on a Sunday. It would mean that stealing a candy bar is no heavier a crime than triple homicide. Following God's lead would mean rewarding a serial killer with Heaven just because they believed, while burning a poor tribesman forever in Hell just because he never even hear of Christ.

The fact that I have never flooded the world and find the idea horrifying proves by itself that I am
morally superior to Wayne's god. So does the fact that I don't think people should own other people, and numerous other horrors that are in the Bible that I do not follow. Unlike the Christian god, I did not purposely create evil and then step back and refuse to do anything to abate suffering. I've never killed people just to win a bet. Unlike God, I can forgive people without first getting something in return.

Instead of demanding worship and dooming all to torture if they don't kiss my son's ass, I treat people with the kindness and respect that their actions and words show that they deserve. And even then, I often treat many people better than they actually deserve. As I see it I, and probably most everyone reading this, are morally superior to God. And It's not because we are so amazingly perfect, (though some will be more-so than others) but because God is such an incredibly poor standard to begin with.

-Brain Hulk

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