Friday, September 26, 2014

Stop speech... for free speech?

Leave it to a priest on Fox News to say something that makes absolutely no sense at all... The Catholic priest, Father Jonathan Morris had some rather baffling things to say.
You get yourself into something that is, first of all, satanic, that is supernatural
The hang up on it being supernatural is quite strange. What part of Christianity isn't supernatural? Morris is a Catholic. Be believes that wine and crackers literally turn into the blood and body of Jesus for crying out loud!
They believe that as soon as you connect yourself with evil, evil stuff happens. I feel very bad for them.
But that's not what most Satanists believe. They believe that God is the oppressor and that Satan is the one that sets you free from his steely grasp. In short, in Satanism, the Devil is good and God is bad.
Anybody who walks into a crowded theater and yells ‘Fire! Do they have a right to do it? Yes. Free speech? No! Why? Because you’re inciting violence.
There's a huge variable that Morris is leaving out, and that's if there is in fact a fire. If there's no fire, then yeah... That's going to be a problem. It's a little like believers yelling, "Hell! Hell!" without actually showing there is a Hell...
When you have a group that does this, not just because they want to do their own little worship, but they are provoking anger and hatred among the community, the city can step in and say, ‘That’s not worship, that’s not free speech, that’s mockery, and you’re inciting violence!’
Who cares if someone else doesn't like it if they aren't doing anything illegal? I don't like church services, but I'm not going to try and ban them just because I don't like them. If someone going to church makes me angry, then it's me with the problem, not them. If someone simply following a different religion, or going to a different kind of mass sounds like mockery to me, then I'm probably being oversensitive and aren't very secure in my beliefs. And if this goes as far as driving me to
violence, I have some serious anger issues.

Morris probably doesn't realize this, but he's painted a picture where someone simply being a Satanist and attending a black mass makes him hate them, feel mocked, and want to respond violently simply because they exist. That's not exactly a favorable image for the supposed loving followers of Christ.
But what if I want to go and desecrate a Koran out in front of my church? What if I want to speak pro-Nazi stuff right in front of my church and get people all fired up on a public sidewalk? I think at some point government has to step in the name of free speech.
It's like he has no idea what free speech is. Free speech means that you can say whatever you want no matter how little others may agree or find it offensive. As ugly as the Westboro Baptist Church is, they are well within their rights to say what they want. Free speech ends when actual threats are made. Yet many a Christian has no problem threatening non-Christians will eternal torture in Hell.
What about when Christians protest in front of family planning clinics? Does he want them banned for 'inciting violence' as well?

Someone has to tell Morris that free speech doesn't mean, 'You can say whatever you want as long as I agree'. Also that simply disagreeing doesn't mean that you are being mocked or that violence is being incited. Banning one's speech in the name of free speech just doesn't make any sense! He did do a wonderful job of showing just how intolerant he really is (even to the point of violence).

-Brain Hulk

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