Monday, September 8, 2014

God's retirement

One of Billy Graham's readers is bored in retirement and wants to know what the Bible has the say on the matter...
DEAR BILLY GRAHAM: I had always looked forward to retirement, and had done a lot of financial planning to be sure we’d be comfortable. But I’ve been retired two years now, and I’m bored to death. Does the Bible say anything about retirement? — N.G.
Maybe it's high time Billy hung up his pen and Bible...
Here's a novel idea... Maybe try picking up some kind of hobby. I feel like I will also find myself being anxious in retirement. I always have to be doing something, so in my case, I feel like my landscaping will be getting a large portion of my life after work. For my dad it will probably be going to car shows and taking care of those cars. Maybe NG should travel, take up painting, or some other hobby.
DEAR N.G.: The most important thing the Bible says about this is that no matter how young or old we are, God has a purpose for every stage of our lives. We’re never useless if our lives are in God’s hands, and we’ll never be bored.

Most people in Bible times worked as long as they could; they had to, because life depended on the success of the next crop. In other words, the modern idea of retirement — stepping aside while we’re still able to work — would have seemed strange to them. This doesn’t mean it’s wrong to retire, however; retirement isn’t forbidden by the Bible.
Sure, the Bible doesn't forbid retirement... But it doesn't forbid slavery either, so I don't think relying on the Bible as your sole guide is that great of an idea.
See your retirement as a gift from God — and then ask him how he wants you to spend it.
So NG asks Billy what he thinks about retirement and his answer is the proverbial passing of the buck of  "Ask your mother." Maybe it's just me, but I don't find that answer very helpful or reassuring.

-Brain Hulk

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