Friday, September 5, 2014

How do you know the Bible is right?

The Jesus Christ is King's facebook page posted a video by Clayton Jennings that is supposed to address the question of how Christians know that the Bible is right. He's very sure of his answer, but he really shouldn't be...
People always ask me how I know that I'm right and other people are wrong. It's not about me being right and them being wrong. It's simply about what God says. We have to come back to fact and to truth.
We need to rely on facts and truth? Well that actually sounds very refreshing and rational, please carry on...
God says that the only way to get to God is through Jesus Christ.
Wait... What happened to fact and truth. Clayton jumps straight from a rational statement to asserting the unproven claim as fact. Does he have a dictionary, because he really needs to look up what a fact is.
Jesus said he was the way, the truth, the light. No man can come through the father except trough me. 
I see a claim, but still no facts or proof.
Jesus could have made that claim, and then he could have gone on to live his life doing all his great miracles...but is Jesus had died and stayed dead he would have been just another religious fraud, another religious phony.
Hold on... What!? How would Jesus be a fraud if he actually healed people and rose people from the dead, but wasn't himself resurrected? I don't know about you, but if I saw Jesus do what he supposedly did, I'd be colored pretty damn impressed. How would him literally being magic make him just another phony? Because, you know, people raise the dead all that time, right... Maybe the phony thing is the claims that he did any of it since none of it is actually recorded anywhere historically.
Just like all other religious leaders that talked a big game and done great things, there comes a time where you have to put your money where your mouth is. Jesus was no different. The difference is that when Jesus died he didn't stay dead. No other religious leader died and them raised from the dead. 
The first thing lacking is any proof that Jesus actually returned from the dead. Also, Clayton needs to do at least a little research, because religious leaders being said to have returned from the dead is nothing unique to Jesus. Others supposedly did as well, and even before Jesus is said to have done so.
Over 500 people are recorded in history having seen him walk and talk after coming back to life.
I notice he doesn't cite any sources. Perhaps that's because what he just said was a lie. There are no historical records of people even confirming that Jesus ever existed, let alone that they saw him after returning from the dead. Provide just one reliable first person contemporaneous account and I'll believe in at least a historical Jesus, and maybe even a divine one. Your move believers...
In fact, 10 out of his 12 disciples went on to be martyred for their faith. Boldly telling the world about this Jesus they had seen come back to life. So much they were killed for it. Do you honesty believe that 10 out of 12 would go on to be murdered for their faith had they not witnessed the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It would never happen, if Jesus died and stayed dead they would have abandoned the faith and rightfully so because Jesus would have been a fake. But Jesus wasn't fake.
Again, there is no record that any of this actually happened. And so what if they believed so much that they were willing to die for their faith? Some Muslims are willing to become suicide bombers because they are so sure of their faith. Does that conviction prove Muhammad and Allah to be the 100% factual truth? What about Waco, TX? 76 of them were willing to die for their religious leader, and did pay that price even though he didn't return from the dead. What about Charles Manson, he wasn't resurrected yet his 'family' were amazingly loyal to the point of killing for him.
He lived a sinless life.
Try again. I've already written before that he was anything but sinless! Jesus had sin too, Jesus doubted God's plan for him, and he wasn't immune to bouts of anger.
He's coming back again. Because everything he said would happen, happened.And everything he says will happen, is going to happen.
There's no proof he said anything. And even if he did say these things, he didn't fulfill all anyway. He said he would return in his disciples lifetimes... he didn't. He also makes some big claims of things that will happen before the generation of his disciples passed. These include the gospel being preached to all nations and the stars falling from the sky. These also didn't happen. What we have here is failed prophesy.
Why is Jesus right, and other religious leaders wrong? Because Jesus came back to life.
Again, prove first that he did. And what about Dionysus, Persephone, Osiris, Odin, Ganesha, Lemminkainen, Tammuz, Krishna, Quetzalcoatl, Attis, Mithras, and countless others that are said to also have risen from the dead? Guess they're all real now too...
Why do we tell people about Jesus Christ? Is it because we want to say that we're right and you're wrong? We're smart and you're dumb? We've got it figured out and you don't? We only tell people about Jesus Christ out of love.
Maybe some do, but not all. Though I fail to see the love in telling people they are going to burn forever and that they deserve it. I also don't see the love in trying to restrict equal rights from whole groups of people. Yes, some believe that they are being loving by telling about Jesus. They sincerely believe that the are being helpful. But here's the thing... This brand of believer can get rather annoying with their persistence. Constantly talking about Jesus, Jesus, Jesus as if it was brand new information isn't helpful because it's isn't new information. In the USA we have all heard about Jesus already. But there certainly are those that will tell about Jesus to play the 'I'm right, you're wrong' game, and those that simply want to convert others for power or to oppress.
One of my closest friends in the world is a Muslim. I continuously share my faith with him. I want him to know Jesus.
You see that word there? Continuously. That's the problem. If you are acting like a broken record for Jesus and they don't bite it's either because they aren't interested or already know about Jesus. I've seen being annoyingly persistent with talking about Jesus even annoy other Christians for crying out loud!

Also, Clayton needs to learn a little more about his supposed Muslim friend's faith. Because if he did, he would learn that he already does know Jesus since he is a messenger of God in Islam (but no resurrection). They even believe that he will return in the end times, but the honor of being the final prophet of God goes to Muhammad instead of Jesus.
Jesus proved he was God when he came back to life. History records it, scripture shows it.
And yet no one in recorded history never thought to write it down when it supposedly happened. Hearsay is not proof!
Anyone who calls upon the name of the lord will be saved. If that doesn't happen, God is a liar. And God isn't a liar.
And you established this how exactly? Here we have an unsubstantiated claim, and a blind assertion. There is an option he's missing though. If you call upon the name of God and aren't saved you also could have picked the wrong god, or there may be no gods at all.

It is odd that this video started out with the rational call to stick to the facts and then did anything but. I'm sure Clayton is sincere in his belief, but his answer to the initial question is rather lacking. How does Clayton know the Bible is right? Well because of the Bible silly! Irrational circular reasoning at it's worst...

-Brain Hulk

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