Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Because he made it

A discussion about morality took a strange turn the other day. Yet another Christian was claiming that atheists have no grounds on which to deem something good or bad. That the best we can do is subjective morality where anything goes. That's not really how subjective morals need be, but that's not important for this discussion. He then stated the old Christian claim that objective morals only come through God.

This is usually a good time to point out that God's morals are not objective either, since they change whenever it is convenient for what he wants. But I first led with asking if God is the source of morality, was it okay for him to kill so many in the Bible. To this he responded that it was, so I asked why it was okay. The answer given conjured up images of a grade-school kid belting out a childish answer... "Because he made them!"

Um... Sorry to disagree but that sounds like a terrible answer, and certainly not a moral example to aspire to. If God can kill people because he 'made' them, doesn't that mean that parents should be allowed to kill their children at any point in their life. After all, they made him/her.

Would it be right for someone who works at a car factory to steal and crash your car? Sure, they made it!

Would it be fine for the person who built your computer to smash it on any given day? Sure, they made it!

Would it be moral for your meal to arrive when you are eating out, only for the chef to rush out yank the plate out from in front of you and eat your meal while you watch? Sure, they made it!

Already, you should be seeing that the defense that  God killing people is okay because he made them is an absurd and immoral argument. What it does do is show the lengths some will go to to defend their psychotic violent god...

-Brain Hulk

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  1. although God' create men but man have power to justify which will batter.
    blog commenting sites

    1. Ever been to a state fair? There is very little man won't batter and then fry. lol Seriously though... I'm not sure what you were trying to say.