Thursday, October 16, 2014

Reading, God, and the Bible

Believers love to tout the Bible, but what if you have a reading disability?
QUESTION: I know you tell people they ought to read the Bible, but I have a serious reading disability and have never been much of a reader. I just can’t get into it. Is this a sin? — J.N.
As a lover of knowledge and books, it saddens me when someone tells me they aren't a reader. But I suppose it can be understood if they have a reading disability.
ANSWER: God knows all about us, including both what we can do and what we can’t do – and He doesn’t look down on you because you have difficulty reading. After all, millions of people across the world have never had an opportunity to learn to read or hold a Bible in their hands, and God understands their situation.
Yes, God understands their situation so well that he will send all those non-Christians who never heard of Christianity straight to Hell when they die. He's so understanding!
But God has provided other ways for you to learn what the Bible says, and I hope you’ll take advantage of them (if you aren’t already doing so). For example, when you go to church, you’ll hear someone read the Bible, and hopefully your pastor will base his sermon on the Bible. Pay close attention, and even jot down the main points you hear.
Which denomination? Because different churches interpret the Bible differently. Also, what about the many parts of the Bible you never hear about in church because they show God being a bloodthirsty immoral monster, or display how ridiculously flawed the Bible is?

Relying on a preacher only telling you about God's 'greatest hits' is like listening to Take On Me by A-ha and thinking they were the greatest band ever.
Your local Christian radio station also may include programs with gifted Bible teachers who can help you understand the Bible’s message more fully.
Again, what counts as 'gifted'? Only Baptists like Billy? Or whoever just so happens to agree with him?
Why is the Bible important? The reason is because it is God’s Word
Yeah, but many holy books claim that of themselves and other gods. Show me the evidence that shows how the Christian claim is any more valid than all the others please.

I do hope that JN does manage to read the Bible, or learns everything in it that he can. After all, reading the whole Bible (especially with an open mind) is one of the most potent sources of atheism that exists. It really is that terrible of a book.

-Brain Hulk

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