Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Musical outrage!

Those paragons of integrity and honesty at The Blaze are running a 'story' claiming that atheists are outraged about a new Carrie Underwood song. A piece of music so offensive that many a Christian news site is claiming that atheists are outraged, viciously attacking it, mad as Hell about it and want the song banned...

This is news to me. I had no idea that I hated a song that never heard of before. I also find it odd that I was never outraged by the 76.4% of country songs about faith that have preceded this song. Also, what about all of Underwood's other songs that where also about faith? We didn't care then, and we
don't care now.

Unsurprisingly, none of the sites can point to a single instance of an atheist or atheist group trying to ban the song or voicing their outrage. Free-thought Blogs did post a comment to one of the many erroneous stories saying as follows...
I so love being told what I'm outraged about. I can't imagine how I could possibly get outraged about a song I've never heard and almost certainly never will. That would require giving a shit in the first place what Carrie Underwood -- or anyone else, for that matter -- sings about.
And that about covers it. We don't care if Underwood sings about her faith. If we don't like her songs, we just don't listen to them. I don't like country music, hound dogs, or pick-up trucks but I'm not trying to get any of those many country songs banned either. I simply flip the station and listen to something else. What more, as an atheist, I have no problem liking a song that makes references to God or faith. A good song is just a good song.

We didn't care then, we don't care now.
In the name of science, I gave Underwood's new song, Something in the Water, a listen to see just how upset it made me. While is does have a decent beat, it is ultimately quite forgettable. Admittedly, I do not tend to like country music in general, but there is absolutely nothing about this song that would rile atheists to the dramatic fervor that all the conservative christian blogs imply with their headlines that turn out to be no more than complete falsehoods.

I hate to sound suspicious, but I have to wonder if this fake controversy was cooked up by Underwood's management team. This has become a strategy that religious marketing has adopted of late. Say atheists hate or want to ban your religious themed movie, book, song, etc and the religious base will respond by dramatically over-reacting and buy the product en masse. Congratulations Christian music fans, I think you've been had.

-Brain Hulk

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