Thursday, October 9, 2014

Death bed conversion

What of the old Christian claim of death bed conversions?
QUESTION: Do you believe in “death bed” conversions? My uncle never wanted anything to do with God, but hours before he died our pastor supposedly led him to Christ. I hope he’s in heaven now, but I can’t help but wonder. — Mrs. J.W.
I know you're dying, so allow me to fill your final moments
with me pestering you about personal religious opinions.
So JW forced her uncle to talk to a priest against his wishes on his death bed? That sounds beyond pushy and disrespectful!
ANSWER: God’s promise is clear: Every person who sincerely repents of sin and puts their faith and trust in Christ for their salvation will be saved – even at the last minute.
How quaint. So Hitler in in Heaven then. How could anyone ever have a problem with understanding that to be perfect justice...?
The tragedy is that some people think they can hold off coming to Christ until the last minute – but then they never do.
No, the real tragedy is that Christians around the world see this as a perfect and just system. Under these rules, it doesn't matter if you are a good person. You can commit literally any crime and still go to Heaven. Mass murder, rape, torture, stealing the savings of the elderly. Under God's rule none of that matters if you believe. A man can rape a child and be rewarded with paradise. But if that child is a Hindu, he gets sent to Hell. How can any rational or moral being stand behind such an obviously flawed and unjust system?

-Brain Hulk

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