Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Indiana Graham and the search for the missing god

So what about the youth of America? When it comes to religion, should there be reason for concern?
Dear Rev. Graham: I get very concerned about the future, because young people today just don’t seem to care about God. Why is this? I suppose our generation has failed them, but what can be done about it? -- Mrs. K.D.
What is the world coming to? It's senses!
Rev. Graham: I understand your concern; young people today are subjected to pressures and temptations that those of us who are older never knew.
What they are subject to is much more information and evidence that previous generations didn't have available to them.
Our society also has become increasingly secular in recent decades, and many young people today grow up never thinking about God or believing in him.
Our country was founded as a secular nation. The only reason it may seem that our nation is becoming secular is because the theocratic leaning wrongs of the past are slowly being righted.
In spite of this, I find young people today are searching for answers and as a result many are turning to Christ.
More importantly, this honest searching for answers also leads very many to non-belief from Christianity and other religions. There is a reason that non-belief is the fastest growing 'faith' group.
Through our television programs and the evangelistic meetings our organization sponsors across the world, tens of thousands of young people are coming to Christ every year. They’ve realized the emptiness of the world’s promises, and have discovered that only Christ can give them the peace and lasting joy they seek. They know Christ’s words are true. “I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete” (John 15:11).
Childhood indoctrination is nothing to be bragged about. The same claim Billy is making can be made by the tens of thousands of Muslims or Hindus. It is also blatantly false and dishonest to claim that life without Christ is empty and without peace.
Yes, Satan is at work today; his evil hand is seen all around us. But God is also at work! God alone is sovereign, and some day his kingdom will come, and his will “will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10). In the meantime, pray for young people you know. Pray, too, that God will work in the hearts of young people all over the world. Pray especially for evangelists and pastors who seek to reach youth. Don’t give in to despair, but thank God for all he is doing among young people today and ask him to use you to touch those around you with the love of Christ.
What the Hell is he waiting for then? It sounds like more false promises to me...

-Brain Hulk

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