Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Doesn't look designed to me

The Earth is perfect. It is so perfect that it is proof that it was designed expressly for us by God. Well, that's how the claim goes anyway. But does that claim really hold water?

The truth is that most of us could think of much better systems to control the nature of our world than the ones we see every day. If the Earth was created expressly for us, why all the variables? Different factors (both natural or man-made) can greatly change the nature of life of Earth. Currently we are causing the Earth to warm. But if everything was created for us by an all-knowing all-powerful god, we shouldn't be able to change the Earth.

The fact that the climate and other systems on Earth are subject natural processes speaks to the Earth being a product of the natural laws rather than a divine creation. Think about it... If I where an all-powerful god, I would not be confined by the laws of nature. If I was creating Earth to be perfect for humans, I would give it a climate that just was. Not subject to being changed by human activity, volcanic activity or impacts from space. A static unchanging climate that is forever perfect for humanity.

Some believers also like to talk about Earth being placed in just the right place in respect to the Sun. They will contend that Earth was placed in the perfect place for us by the almighty God. This is obviously a case of putting the cart before the horse. But the changeability of this relationship is ignored. Earth is close enough to the sun that a large CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) could cause problems here on Earth. But more importantly, there is the issue of the Sun itself.

In about 5 billion years the Sun's core will run out of the hydrogen fuel that it is currently burning and will instead start going to work on it's helium. There's a problem though, this change will cause the Sun to expand into a red giant. This will mean a Sun that is 100-200 times larger than it is now. Earth will be subjected to a dramatic rise in temperature, not to mention an extra heaping dose of radiation. All of this means that Earth is a lifeless wasteland, oceans all boiled dry before the Sun possibly expands enough to eat the Earth and burn it to a cinder.
The distant future of Earth is not a pretty one.

Again, why the reliance of the laws of nature? If an all-powerful God placed the Sun and Earth as they are just for us, surely he wouldn't place a ticking time bomb right next store. Sure, it provides us with life right now, but it will eventually kill everyone and everything on Earth (if we don't kill ourselves first).

So either God is a terrible designer, or the world we see is actually just what it appears to be. A marvelous work of nature, but still 100% natural. No magic required.

-Brain Hulk

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